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Audio and Video Sensations - About Us

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Affordable Home Theater was founded by myself, Allen Fleener, in March of 2000. It became Audio and Video Sensations in 2007, to fill what I saw as a need for a full service custom home theater installation company. I found in my travels through out the Inland Empire that there weren't in my opinion any well qualified companies out here that could answer the tough questions about High Definition Television Reception and Calibration, Home Theater Configuration and Calibration, High Resolution Two Channel Music and Multi-Channel Surround Music both SACD and DVD Audio. As well as Room Acoustic Treatments and their positive effects on the total listening experience.

In the Inland Empire we are limited to the "alphabet soup chain stores (BB, CC, etc). They may have some of the products you are looking for. Often they will sell you what you came in for or move what they have on hand, and tell you it's better than what you came in for. The problem with this, as I have so often found, is what you think is the best product for you or your application is not always the case. How so?  Because you may lack the application and or product knowledge needed to make the best decision. Some times the brands you choose may not play well with the ones you already have.

Today’s audio and video electronics are changing by leaps and bounds. With the advancing of digital technology, the design forces at work on the electronics entertainment industry are incredible. We are living at a time when our abilities to reproduce a performance in our own homes is as close to the live performance as we could hope for. Some might say, "What goes on in our homes is BETTER than live" as it works around their schedules and desires and there are no parking or traffic issues.

Unfortunately these advancements are also very complicated, and some times difficult to bring together under one roof. So then, the average family finds that they may need some educated help.

This is where Audio and Video Sensations comes in. I am ISF (Imaging Science Foundation) trained to calibrate your video display whether it is high definition or standard definition, plasma, DLP, LCD, CRT, DiLA, or SXRD direct view, front or rear projection. The Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) was formed to teach calibrators to unlock the high- performance  and video accuracy that was built into these displays. I am also  CEDIA (Custom Electronics Designers and Installers Association) trained. This organization is dedicated to helping custom audio video installers to continue to learn and improve, so that their customers can benefit from installers that are current with all the new technologies out in the marketplace.

My goal is to help my clients have an informed and enjoyable process from start to finish. To make the design, selection, installation and calibration of their systems as painless as possible. I recognize that this is, after all, an entertainment system and must be above all FUN! 

If you feel as I do, that entertainment should be fun, and you are looking for an easy to use as well as entertaining audio video system, then please give me a call or drop me a line. I look forward to discussing your special desires and needs. I hope to be adding you to my ever growing family of satisfied clients.                                  

                                                            Allen Fleener


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